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The Notice Letter for China "dual control of energy consumption" Policy

Dear Customer,

You may have noticed that China’s recent "dual control of energy consumption" policy, which continues to exert influence and now has already involved our auto parts industry.    I think you can easily find related reports on Google, also attached some news screenshots for your reference.

At present, we have received power outage notices from most of our factories. We were told that they are only allowed to work 4 or even 3 days a week which means we may only have half of our production capacity in the last quarter of this year. This has greatly affected our production plan.

We are now taking all possible measures to minimize the impact of this power restriction. Once the tight local power supply eases, our production capacity will be restored immediately.

At the same time, this year’s Chinese New Year will start on February 1st. However, due to the impact of the power outage, the factory’s holiday time may be earlier than previous years. We have analyzed that the factory’s holiday this year will probably start on January 15 and last until February 25, or even early March.    So, we recommend you ahead of the purchase schedule at least 45 days earlier so that we can arrange the production plan better. It would be best to happen in October, because this month's order may be our last shipment before the Chinese New Year holiday, please pay attention to it.

In such a special period, The shortage of power supply has also caused the continuous price increase of raw materials. If you have new order plans, please be sure to verify the latest price with us before placing an order.

Thank you!

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