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The Seat Cover installation

Seat covers give your car, truck, or SUV a whole new lease on interior looks. Whether your Maxima is fresh off the dealership lot or old and banged up, Nissan Maxima seat covers let you wrap your seats with the look of your choice. Most importantly, custom seat covers like Mazda 6 seat covers protect your upholstery from the countless hazards of daily driving. Spilled coffee, sweaty backs, and sharp objects all conspire to ruin your interior, but they don't stand a chance against the shielding of, for instance, a durable Toyota RAV4 seat covers.

Despite their ultra-snug custom fit, you don't need a degree in stitchcraft to know how to install custom seat covers.

In fact, the whole process of installing your Hyundai Sonata seat covers takes just a few steps.

Read on and see how to install car seat covers on both bench seats and bucket seats.

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